I'm Chioma Okechukwu, a transformation coach who draws strength from my faith in Jesus Christ. Have you ever wondered how some people seem to live with grace, making wise decisions that align with their values and protect what's important to them? I'm here to guide you in cultivating this same grace, helping you understand your core values so you can make confident and meaningful choices in life. Together, we will explore how to guard your heart and prioritize what matters most, empowering you to live your life with intention and dignity. Ready to embrace a life of thoughtful decisions and grace?


Divine grace is profound, gentle, transformative, nurturing and healing. A woman rooted in her faith knows her strength and can naturally command presence and influence in any room she enters.

Assertive Power

Gentle, Mysterious, Healing, and Uplifting. Anyone can lead in any setting when they understand their God-given strength. Embrace your spiritual confidence and activate the power within you.

My Mission

Empowering your journey is my passion. Whether you’re starting your transformation or aiming for greater heights, I’m here to guide you. Together, we’ll overcome doubts, provide seamless support, and cherish every moment of progress. Let’s create a transformative experience you’ll adore!


Discover Your Path to Empowerment!

At Coach Chioma, we understand the significance of perseverance. Embrace patience, for meaningful change takes time. With years of dedication and goal-setting, I achieved my dream self and lifestyle. Now, let’s explore your purpose and essence, helping you realize your full potential. Join me on this transformative journey!



Embrace Your Empowered Journey!

Big Challenge First

I struggled with saying no, standing up for myself, and allowing others to break me. Balancing work and life seemed impossible, neglecting self-care and healthy relationships.

Establishing my Goals

Years dedicated to learning and setting goals paved the path to my dream life. Understanding myself and my true dreams became the crucial first step.


The process wasn't quick or easy. Months with my therapist and life coach led to remarkable results. Now, I live my dream life and empower others to do the same. Join me!


Join Our Tribe: Let's Empower Your Journey

I've devoted years to learning and setting goals, continually seeking guidance from Jesus to shape my aspirations and lifestyle. Now, I'm eager to support you in doing the same. Let's embark on this journey together, relying on Christ to unlock your true potential and help you create the life you desire. Join me in this faithful pursuit today!

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