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Welcome to Coach Chioma, where we guide women through Identity Crisis, helping you discover your true identity in Jesus Christ beyond societal labels. Are you ready to heal, overcome trauma, and live fully, embracing both your faith and yourself? You've come to the right place.


Is This Your Path To Healing?

Are you yearning to live your best life, yet unsure where to take the first step?

Are you tired of settling for less than what you truly deserve?

Do big dreams fill your heart, but the fear of taking action holds you back?

Are you seeking the motivation and guidance of a mentor to reach your goals?

Are you ready to embrace change, unleash your inner power, and become the best version of yourself.


About Me

Welcome to a place of transformation and empowerment! I’m Chioma Okechukwu, but you can just call me Chichi. My life’s work and my personal journey are deeply rooted in my faith in Jesus Christ—a cornerstone that has shaped every aspect of who I am and what I do. Once, I stood where you might be standing now—feeling uncertain, undervalued, and unsure of myself. I struggled with self-doubt, wrestled with decision-making, and often found myself postponing dreams and goals. But through these challenges, I discovered a profound strength and resilience within, propelled by my faith and a fervent desire to emerge not just unscathed, but empowered. Having walked through these fires myself, I’ve emerged with a clearer vision and tools that not only helped me but were also crafted to assist others. These experiences were transformative, and they inspired me to guide others through their own challenges, helping them rise from the ashes of doubt and fear into the light of self-assurance and fulfillment. Now, I want to pass on this knowledge and these tools to you. Together, we can embark on a journey towards the life you deserve—a life where you embrace your dreams, recognize your worth, and confidently take steps towards your best self. Join me, and let’s start building your path to transformation and empowerment today. It’s not just about finding yourself but about creating yourself, with faith as our guide and perseverance as our pathway. Let’s do this together!

I also know what it means to walk through fire and travel over to the other side and I want to show you how. why? because you deserve more, you deserve better and you can change the trajectory of your life. While on my journey of healing I picked a lot of tools and created new ones. I’d like to support and guide you on your journey to becoming the woman you’ve always dreamed of. Let’s embark on this empowering journey together!

Coach Chioma's Offerings

Learn how to set boundaries to improve your life. Say no without feeling exhausted, avoid over commitment, stand up for yourself, and take control. Be kind and assertive with your needs to go from good to great.

Bountiful Boundaries Course: Learn how to be Assertive

Learn how to set boundaries to improve your life. Say no without feeling exhausted, avoid over commitment, stand up for yourself, and take control. Be kind and assertive with your needs to go from good to great.
Killing ANTS: Shift Your Mindset in 4 Weeks

Killing ANTS: Shift Your Mindset in 4 Weeks

Feeling down and always thinking negative thoughts about yourself or your situation? Can't stop thinking about bad things that might happen? Do you still think about past mistakes? Take this 4-week course and learn how to deal with negative thoughts.
Project Propel: Set and Bust Goals in 6 weeks

Project Propel: Set and Bust Goals in 6 weeks

Say goodbye to procrastination and limiting mindsets. Project propel is here to empower you with tools and strategies you need to set, pursue and conquer your goals like never before. In just 6 weeks you'll learn how to craft clear, achievable goals, overcome obstacles and tap into your innate capabilities to turn dreams into realities.

Coach Chioma's Coaching Services

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Words from my Clients

Let’s just say I purposefully came across Coach Chioma's Instagram page. I literally watched her page for several months before reaching out. I was drawn to her transparency about her own self care journey and her many inspirational post. When I finally reached out I was in a really bad head space.. questioning my life and purpose. After the second week of working with her I realized I had no boundaries! Big light bulb moment for me.. over the next several weeks I became more aware of me and I started to fall in love with me all over again. I came to realization that I always knew who I was but my trauma hindered me and many different areas of my life. I will never forget the session where she boldly sweetly yelled at me lol Neiarra take your POWER back!! My life definitely shifted from that point.. It was truly a privilege to work with Coach Chioma she is one of the biggest speak life and encouragers I have ran across.. Within 8 weeks Coach Chioma helped push me to walk into part of my purpose. I say part because I learned through out our coaching sessions that our purpose is not tied to just one specific area. With that being said I was able to birth my dream business that I only dreamed about since a little girl. One thing I admired about Coach Chioma is her resilience to be open and transparent that she don’t have it all together “nobody does” lol... but to continue to show up and serve at her now capacity! Coach Chioma you are an amazing phenomenal women! I’m forever grateful for the day I purposefully came across your page.. Go ahead and impact the Nations!!!

Neiarra Yates


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