Battle in the MIND

Sometimes, we find ourselves in a place of rut compounded with a sense of unproductivity and forward motion. There are many tales of life’s circumstances that lead us to this very place. Many are unable to remember where it all began. As a coach and a woman who has healed from depression, this place, this rut is not a fun place to be. It’s a place that sucks the life and passion out of a person. It becomes hard to see, hard to feel, and hard to enjoy daily. We instead, replay the failures of our past and the fears of our future in minds over and over again. What we fail to realize, is that neither the past nor the future is happening right now. Everything begins and ends in the MIND. A simple thought, yet difficult to grasp. To understand, that we are in full control of what we chose to focus on and how we allow it impact our lives, is quite difficult. As a Clinician, I battle with this idea at times, most days actually. I ask myself.. how do I approach my patients battling depression, anxiety and other mental health issues? I cannot simply tell them to “get over it”. I truly believe, if they could, they would. No one wants to be sad all day and feel alone in the world. No one wants to believe that they are inadequate, useless, unloved, ostracized, unworthy. Who chooses such a life, when there is a more robust and fulfilling way to live?


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