Vulnerability is Me

She has truly been the foundation of my growth. She exists to create a state of intense nakedness. Just me and a mirror. I can’t hide, I can’t run. I’m faced with the truth of my existence.

Who decided it was a wise idea to expose themselves to the “possibility of being attacked emotionally or physically”. I ask this question, knowing Who did.

She is the Mother of all emotions. She drives me through my journey of life. Sometimes it feels like I’ve taken the back seat, while she leads me to my next destination. No GPS in hand and she won’t ask for directions. Feels like a journey to my soul.

She scares me sometimes. She makes me reach down into the depths of my heart, rips me open, scattered pieces on the floor. I see them all and get down on bended knees, hands clasped, picking each piece of me, one after the other to make myself whole again. This time, intentionally.

She refuses to share space with just anyone, except those who want to know her and aren’t afraid of how she shows up, especially when she does so without warning. She understands that she’s rare. Like the pink star diamond, not many are willing to go on a journey to find her.

She is the ‘Patriam’ of joy, happiness and love. Courage, creativity and compassion reside in her bosom. She… is… authentic….

I choose to walk with her, hand in hand journeying through the maze of life. I let her take the wheel without knowing where we’re going. I trust her! I know her so well! At least now I do. She’s my compass. She always takes me back to me! the authentic, wholesome, beautiful, courageous, empathetic, present, purposeful and intentional me!… With her, I can choose to stand tall, even when I fall, I rise again gracefully, willing to embark on another journey to a new destination.


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