Waiting on Your Time

We live in a time where many of us seek instant results and answers to our problems and situations, but it’s important to remember that everything has it’s time. Think of your life like a seed, planted in a garden. It needs nourishment, sunlight, water and TIME to grow and blossom into the plant we all know it will become.

You! are like that very seed. You possess all that you need, within yourself, to become and achieve your fullest potential. Just like a seed planted in rich soil blossoms, you too can do the same when you find the right foundation that stimulates and expedites your potential for greatness.

There is a caveat. The foundation you choose to plant yourself, matters! Do not be in a hurry to plant yourself anywhere because of your craving for instant change, success or results. A seed seldom grows to become a tree if it’s planted on rocks or sand, as this can inhibit it’s ability to grow. When you are faced with such a situation, all hope is not lost. Your potential is not lost! It simply requires an awareness of what is, the courage to do what must be done and the patience and perseverance to turn things around.

Sometimes, the change needed may be drastic; such as changing your job, moving to another city, changing your profession or more profoundly, changing your mindset. Other times, the change may be small; such as eating healthier, exercising, limiting the time spent watching TV. While time, which we have no control over, goes right on by, remember that you CAN control what you do with it. Encourage yourself to spend time working on changing the areas of your life that you can control. This way, when the RIGHT time presents itself, you will perceive it, you will be prepared AND you will possess the right mindset to seize what’s yours.

As the saying goes, “everything happens at it’s own appointed time, so wait patiently on yours”.


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